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Be sure to go ahead and bookmark this page now, because it's going to be your BEST friend as you plan and prepare for your Senior Portraits with #PAP!

Paxton Anderson SENIORS


I am SO excited you're here! Being a senior is SUCH a special time in your lives and I'm so excited for what's to come. This guide will be your BEST FRIEND as you plan and prepare for your big day, and will allow you to know exactly what to expect during your senior photography experience! I'm so EXCITED to pour into you and to help ease the stress of planning. As always, feel free to reach out at any time if you have any questions along the way!

I'm Married

My hubby, Hunter, is my best friend, biggest encourager, and the love of my life. We were married on July 8, 2017 and it was the best day of our lives. We got married at our home church in Arkansas on a beautiful sunny summer day! We have dated since we were sophomores in HIGH SCHOOL. I love doing life with him and having him by my side! Marriage is such a beautiful gift and I love growing in our marriage every day. 

I'm a Mom

Hunter and I have had a Bullmastiff named Virgil since before we were married! He lived with me in my little apartment until Hunter moved in after our wedding. Shortly after we were married we found out we were expecting our sweet little Emily. She is the biggest sweetheart and we love her to pieces! She was a little surprise, but God definitely had a plan because she has brought us so much joy. If you want to see more images of Emily and Virgil CLICK HERE. 


Before we jump right in, here are three things you NEED to know about me:

I Love Coffee

If you have followed me on instagram for any amount of time, you know that coffee has my heart. They’re my go-to drink wherever I go! Large Scarecrow from my favorite local coffee shop @Midtown? YES, please! Any other coffee drinkers out there? I just can't get enough!! You can frequently see my obsession over on my Instagram where I frequently share about my day to day life!

My Why

I love photographing seniors because it gives me the opportunity to serve and love a completely different type of client than I normally service-which is senior clients. It’s such a joyful and EXCITING time in your life, but I totally understand how overwhelming the entire process can be! I’m here to walk you through every step of your photography experience from making you feel confident in front of my camera with constant direction to helping you craft the perfect experience. At the end of the day, planning is so incredibly fun, but the really awesome part is that you’re graduating soon! I love celebrating that with you because being a senior has been one of the biggest blessings in your life, but also your parents as well! I’m here to encourage you as you make your journey towards this major transitions in life the easiest and prettiest it can be!

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This is your FIRST step of your experience with me which also makes it SUPER exciting! There are two main goals of our time together (besides getting gorgeous photos, of course): 

1. Spend more time together and get to know each other better!
2. For me to create images for you that will make your #seniorsunday look amazing. 

what's included

Our most popular session will last at least 1.5 hours, includes two locations, and two outfits. Senior collections with #PAP includes professional Hair and Makeup and a fashion consult via zoom before your session. I guarantee 100 images in your gallery from your senior session!


I recommend wearing two outfits: One dressy and one casual. Feel free to go all out for your dressy outfit, and think "date night" for your casual outfit! My biggest piece of advice is to wear outfits that are VERSATILE. Meaning you can sit, twirl, and bend down easily. Keep reading for more style tips and outfit ideas!


Because my weekends are dedicated to weddings, I only schedule seniors sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. Our start time is completely based on sunset time for the time of year you're considering! See below to view available session dates! We will choose a time closer to your session date! 



If you're like every other senior, you're probably a little nervous thinking about being in front of the camera... I mean, you're not used to having a big black box pointed at you, am I right?! Even *I* get nervous when I'm having photos done!!

It's COMPLETELY normal to feel this way, but I want to encourage you to just relax and have a good time. I'm going to be giving you allllll the direction so you never feel like you know what your doing. We're going to capture those timeless photos that everyone loves, while getting a little goofy and having fun (don't be surprised if I pull out my speaker and turn on some music!!). Some prompts I give you both might seem a little silly at first, but TRUST ME, they create some legit magic.

All you have to do is show up and be yourself... easy, right?! I'll take care of the rest and we're going to have a lot of FUN!


BE ON TIME: We typically plan your start time based on sunset time. If you are late, it cuts into the sunlight we have available! No one wants dark photos, so arriving on time will ensure we have gorgeous light to work with for your whole shoot! :) 

BRINGING THE DOG: I adore ALL the cute pups, so naturally, I LOVE it when you bring them along! The best way to include them is to have someone else bring your dog during the last 15 minutes of your session, or choose a session location that is less than 5 minutes away from your home. Contact me so we can work out the details!

CLEAN THE RING: If you bring your class ring, make sure it is clean! I'd love to grab a few up close shots of just your ring while you change outfits! Cleaning it will ensure it's nice and sparkly for photos!

EMPTY YOUR POCKETS: Especially for guys, make sure you don't have anything in your pockets! I am more than happy to store phones and keys in my bag, or ladies, you can bring along a little purse to keep everything in. 

RELAX! You don’t have to be a pro at this! I’m going to help you along the way and it’s going to be a blast! I don't expect anything from you. Enjoy this time and make a date out of it! Plan something fun or go to dinner afterwards and celebrate!!

GET YOUR NAILS DONE: Make sure your nails are freshly painted, or spoil yourself with a trip to the salon! Chipped nails will be noticeable in your photos. Neutral colors and pastels photograph beautifully and will match any outfit!

BRING COMFY SHOES: If you're wearing heels, bring a pair of flip flops or comfortable shoes to walk from spot to spot. Your feet will thank me later!


HOW MANY OUTFITS? Most often, my seniors like to have one casual, everyday outfit (think: date night) and then one outfit that is dressier! This will give your shoot two totally different “looks.” I recommend beginning with the dressy outfit first!

PROFESSIONAL HAIR & MAKEUP: Your senior session will come with Professional Hair and Makeup done by our favorite stylist, Kayley at Meraki Salon. Once we schedule your session, I will get with Kayley to schedule your hair and makeup. All you have to do is show up with some ideas of how you want your hair and makeup to be done. If you are unsure, that is totally fine! We will discuss this at your fashion consult and Kayley will help you decide during your appointment. 

CHOOSING COLORS: When choosing colors for your outfits, I recommend selecting lighter tones and more muted shades. By avoiding ultra-bright, bold colors, it will help bring all the attention to your faces and let the eye focus on the way you feel about each other. Soft pinks, muted blues, and light neutrals like heather gray, creams, leather brown and white all work wonderfully.

SKIP CASUAL CLOTHES: I know flip flops are *perfect* for everyday wear, but Instead...

DRESS IT UP: Have you ever wanted to rock a sequin dress, or a long flowy maxi dress? Maybe you've dreamed of wearing a floral crown, or wearing a tulle skirt. THIS is your chance!  Ladies, especially for your dressy outfit, I typically recommend a long, flowy A line dress that cinches at the waist. This is typically most flattering on most body types! For the guys, opt for a suit or nice pants and a suit jacket with a button down for your fancy outfit. 

FLATTER YOUR FEATURES: Ladies, keep in mind which features you want to flatter and which features you want to hide when picking outfits! For example, if you want to hide your arms, choose a top with sleeves and skip the spaghetti straps. If you want to minimize your bust, choose a dress with a higher neckline and skip the strapless dress. If you opt for a low cut dress, it will minimize the amount of angles I can shoot! 

SKIP THE SPRAY TAN: Even though it seems counter intuitive, I highly recommend skipping a spray tan altogether, even if it's a few days out from your session. Spray tans tend to photograph more orange than they appear and will make you appear more orange than tan!

outfit ideas


First off, I want to say that I ALWAYS encourage my seniors to think of session locations that have MEANING to them. This will allow us to capture more genuine images that reflect your personality. Think: Favorite date spot, family farm, your fave coffee spot, your future college, your home, etc. However, if you're totally stumped for locations, have no fear!! We'll work together to pick a location that fits you two best!

Here is a list I've compiled of some of my favorite locations for photo sessions! I love these spots in particular because I'm able to provide photos that are super consistent with what you see on my website and blog, and also provide a huge variety in backgrounds for you! If a location you're considering is not on this list, feel free to reach out to ask about it - chances are I've never photographed there, or if I have, it's one I can't provide a good variety of spots at! Of course, I always encourage you to pick locations that have meaning to you as well. If there's a spot that is especially meaningful and would love to incorporate it, let's chat!!

Downtown Russellville 

This location has the warmest light in the afternoon. With a low hanging tree, old rock building, and located centrally in the middle of town, you will feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, but the location makes it so easy to get to other areas very quickly. 

*Images in this album are within 5 minutes of Downtown Russellville. 

MEET AT: Walmart Marketplace on West Main in Russellville, Ar 72801

Downtown Little rock

Little Rock State Capitol Building 
With gold doors and a long staircase, this building is a very classy and upscale location. 

Downtown Rivermarket Rooftop Parking Deck
Sweeping views of the city and stunning light!

Petit Jean state park

This location has beautiful views and trails and during Spring, Summer, and Fall it offers amazing greenery. This is one of my go-to locations all year around. It is a treasure! 

MEET AT: 1285 Petit Jean Mountain Rd, Morrilton, AR 72110

Bayou Bridge

This spot is an adorable park right in the heart of the River Valley! This spot is a little further out of town and requires more time to get to. However, if you're looking for some creek photos in the summer, this spot is it! It has some really pretty sunlight that comes through in the evenings and lots of variety for trees, grass, and the creek is the prettiest teal color. 

ADDRESS: 9655 Market St, Dover, AR 72837

The Bakery District 

he Bakery District, located on the West-End of Fort Smith, provides a unique experience as a top social destination. The 1920’s baking facility still has its’ original brick and mortar walls but has been retrofitted with updated sound, lighting, and HVAC systems. The interior has been redesigned to host a coffee lounge/roastery, a catering kitchen, a beer garden with a bocce-ball court as well as indoor/outdoor event space to be the setting of your next event. 

ADDRESS: 70 S 7th St, Fort Smith, AR 72901


There is no pressure to bring anything... however, here are some ideas of items you may want! 

Your Dog/Animal - bringing your puppers along can be so much fun, just make sure you have someone with you to help with him/her when they are not in photos. 

Extra Lip Stick/Powder -you are going to want to touch up along the way especially if your skin is prone to being on the oilier side. 

Your Shade of Makeup - Our hair and makeup artist likes for you to being the foundation you normally use on your skin so that she can ensure a perfect match. Normally she mixes what you bring with other shades to ensure the makeup is perfection! 

Extra Accessories - We will have time to change up your look by adding a fun hat, a floral crown, or a good pair of statement earrings. Bring options!



Of course! I encourage you to bring someone that will help you relax and have fun. In fact, if you’re under 18, I insist that you bring someone. You may want to warn your guest because I often enlist parents/friends/siblings in holding reflectors or act goofy behind me. :) If you’d like to have some photos with your friend, we will take the last 5-10 minutes of your session to photograph you and whoever you brought along! 

This is always a fun surprise/gift I love to give my families and seniors. These portraits are so sweet for my seniors. Many families go years without having photos taken. 

So when you schedule your session, try to get your family to take 5 minutes at the end of your session to snap a few photos. 


One of the most COMMON questions I get asked is, what happens if it RAINS on my portrait day? While this isn't always ideal and doesn't match the sunny day you imagine while planning, I want to encourage you that you can still have GORGEOUS photos, even if it's rainy! Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind: 

1. Overcast skies = perfect lighting. Sunlight, especially mid-day, is actually very harsh. Rainy days give that perfect, soft, natural lighting, no matter where you take your photos! This gives you perfect lighting + the ability to use a lot more locations. It also tends to make colors look more vibrant. :) Don’t get me wrong, I love golden, sunlit photos… but overcast has its advantages as well.

2. Let me worry about the photos. On your portrait day, the only thing you should have to worry about is being the STAR! :)

If the weather is totally un-shootable, I will be in contact with you 24 hours prior to your session to chat with you about cancelling and rescheduling your session. If we have to reschedule, I will give your session first priority on my calendar. 

what about

Collections and products

the Luxe collection

All Inclusive Senior Session
Pre-Session Planning Consult 
Professional Hair and Makeup 
2 Hour Session Time 
3-4 Outfit Changes
150 Fully Edited Digital Images
Online Downloadable Gallery and Mobile App

Luxe Collection + Products

All Inclusive Senior Session
Professional Hair and Makeup 
2 Hour Session Time 
3-4 Outfit Changes
150+ Fully Edited Digital Images
Custom 10 page 10x10 Album 
Online Downloadable Gallery and Mobile App



the Lite collection

All Inclusive Senior Session
30 minute Session Time 
1 Outfit 
20 Fully Edited Digital Images 
Digital Delivery




Heirloom albums are the perfect way to remember your big day. You can order one anytime before or after your portrait session! Reach out at if you are interested in ordering one!

30 PAGE 10X10 LINEN ALBUM: $650
• Leather Cover Upgrade: $250 
•12x12 Size Upgrade: $200
• Additional 2-page Spread: $50 
• Custom Engraving: $80 



Two weeks after you receive your full gallery, I'll send you a link to your initial album design. I am typically including images that most seniors and mommas LOVE to see in their album, including many of your blog post images!


You get two revisions with your album design. It's all set up online so it's really easy to make changes! You have an unlimited amount of design changes + image swaps within each revision. The revisions are due within 3 weeks after receiving them.


Within 6 weeks of approving your album design, you'll receive your album at your doorstep! 


Thank you for allowing me to photograph your big day! I don't take it lightly and am SO excited for you. I want you to know that I am HERE for you throughout the planning! If you have ANY questions at all along the way, feel free to reach out to me via email at any point. I hope this guide serves as an amazing resource for you as you plan and prepare for your big day! I'm not only here to help but I want to encourage you that your senior year is WORTH IT. It is a blast and always keep that in mind! At the end of the day, no matter what happens, you'll be graduated and that's all that matters. Thank you again for choosing me as your photographer, and happy planning!

With love, Paxton

thank you!